Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Althuis Hofland Fine Arts

Hazenstraat 11, 1016 SM Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Althuis Hofland Fine Arts is a love story to begin with. After gaining over 15 years of expierence in the international gallery/ art field independently love is what brought us, Ornis Althuis (1987) and Jeanine Hofland (1983), together and made us eventually business partners in 2018. It’s also the shared love for painting as an instrument for the artist to narrate from the subconscious or deeply personal, that is the driving force behind our program. 

We have met or will meet the artists we represent along the way, we have seen or will see their works in exhibitions or art fairs, found or find them in magazines, on Instagram or have heard or hear about their work from other artists and friends. We believe connecting to an art work is something very personal, like a friendship, that can develop on many levels. Where associative thoughts and feelings and intellect can coexist or go ahead independently.

In our gallery space in Amsterdam we organize exhibitions, mostly one person and sometimes group exhibitions, and we often participate in national and international art fairs.

We organize exhibitions in order to show the artist’s practice in a broader context of both her or his own perspective or within the perspective of shared interest in form, content or friendship with others. Our exhibitions, and that of many other commercial galleries are free of charge and open for anyone with a curious eye!