Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


David Noro

The drawings and paintings of David Noro can be seen as a symbiosis of the eye the ear and the mind.  “I’m a painter. In my work I look for patterns in our daily life. Patterns that include or exclude. I do this by trying to find a balance in between the different perspectives of a society. The patterns I try to focus on, are mostly related to how we perceive certain emotions. How does one depict love for instance. I wish to raise questions to themes where clarity seems to be lacking. I try to understand, and to depict my own confusion in relation to topics that appear urgent to me. Despite working from ‘real life’ as my source, my work has its foot in a mythical world. Awkward realms. It’s in these self composed myths I express problems, solutions and painterly gestures. My work is a platform for experimental formulation, my haven for ideas and freedom.”*

David Noro was the recipient of the Buning Brongers Award (2018). Current and recent exhibitions include Beers, London (UK); Althuis Hofland Fine Arts, Amsterdam (NL); Museum De Pont Tilburg (NL);  “Stray Bullets & other fabulous stories” (solo) and “Proposals for a collection” (group) at Anna Ruma Gallery, Naples (IT). Previously Noro has shown works at Wunderwall in Antwerp (BE) and Kunst Podium T in Tilburg (NL). David Noro received a BA at the Gerrit Rietveld Aacademie in Amsterdam (NL) and finishes an MA at the Royal Academy in Antwerp (BE).

*David Noro on his art practice

Represented by Althuis Hofland Fine Arts