Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Antoine Goossens

The paintings of Antoine Goossens (born 1992 in Etterbeek, lives and works in Everberg) cover a wide spectrum, ranging from very abstract to figurative with a surrealistic touch.
For the artist, however, these terms are relative: “My figurative symbolic elements can have an abstract meaning.
Usually they represent a feeling, from a personal affinity I have with this symbol.
On the other hand, an abstract work can also arouse a very concrete emotion.”
Rather than a clear story, he tries to convey a certain energy, an atmosphere, from an expressive intuition. “I want to release an energy that enters into a dialogue with the viewer.
I look for a balance between concentrated and technical work, and letting go of that.”
The work is a search for the perfect mood, and it is therefore difficult to say when a painting is finished.
“I always have to ask myself ‘can this work stand on its own, have a life of its own?’
Sometimes it is immediately clear when I feel that a work understands me and smiles at me.”
His enigmatic, almost surrealistic symbols, his somewhat unexpected use of color… Antoine’s work is very diverse and unruly.
It is not easy to read and takes time from the viewer.
In return, you get a viewing experience that goes far beyond the surface of the canvas, literally and figuratively opening up new horizons.

Represented by Josilda da Conceiçao