Antwerp Art Weekend

18 - 21 May 2023

Emma Ainala

Represented by Gallery Kant

Born in 1989 – Finland Lives and works in Savonlinna, Finland

Girly, quirky, kitsch, sensuous, psychological, and mythical are all adjectives frequently added when interpreting Aina- la ́s paintings. A world where feminine figures and hybrids play a significant role and where a myriad of symbols and references unfold. The interiors and landscapes are luscious and exaggerated. Time is warped and we find ourselves in an “Alice in Wonderland”, or “Digi-Disney After Dark”, where everything is spirited.

Intricately detailed, Ainala ́s works exhibit the human body, where ambivalent gestures and awkwardness are in focus. Stigmatization and objectification are recurring themes as are references to art and cultural history. Carefully stylised and with thoughtful symbolism we witness theatrical dramas which enable multiple interpretations.