Antwerp Art Weekend

18 - 21 May 2023

Etienne Pottier

Represented by Gallery DYS

Born in 1983 in France Lives and works in Paris, France

Etienne Pottier creates ceramics with virtuoso enamels with compositions of intertwined animals, reptiles in full struggle, an open dog's mouth or a parrot struggling with a crocodile. He also works with wood and concrete. The composition is very rich, the talent is demonstrative, the mastery obvious. But a closer look reveals a violence, a raw and decadent side, humor, too, in this excess, like Bernard Palissy on steroids. His work mixes plant elements with animals (often reptiles, dogs and parrots) and human elements (arms, skulls, sexes...). But also weapons and armors in some of his compositions. All these elements blossom into complex architectures full of tiny details, scales and delicate petals. His mastery of glazes and colors is remarkable, and his technical skill is at the service of a wild, pagan and strang