Antwerp Art Weekend

18 - 21 May 2023

Giammarco Falcone

Represented by Archiraar Gallery

Born in (b.1990 in Palermo, Italy) Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Falcone's work attempts to establish a dialogue with the history of painting. He analyses painting from the works of old masters, imitating the same techniques in order to appropriate and deform them in his own creative process. Falcone's paintings are a combination of ancient and modern techniques, where the history of art is constituted through the photographic medium and the pictorial act. By blurring the boundaries in his painting, he creates dark and confused atmospheres, indistinctly alternating figuration and abstraction. The central themes of his practice include the birth of figuration, the different forms of representation of the human body and the incessant search for a dialogue between man's past and present in terms of identification in the image. The artist approaches the notions of the double and of time in painting, questioning his own language through the codes typical of the history of painting: the mirror, shadow and light, "the painting within the painting", vanities and still lifes.