Antwerp Art Weekend

18 - 21 May 2023

Ilke Cop

Represented by Tatjana Pieters

Born in 1988 in Belgium Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Ilke Cops artistic practice focuses on contemporary themes like gender roles, representation and colonisation, using traditional techniques like oil painting, ceramics and textile. The position of the female artist and questions the mechanisms behind privilege and representation are investigated by the artist in her work. Taking on questions surrounding the position of ‘the female’ and the role of women as people, artists and historical agents, her practice creates a fictional universe where the laws and causal relationships that shape our society no longer apply. Traditional techniques of oil painting, installation art and art history are embraced to venture into a new visual language of conceptually layered images. Cop likes to play with the innate desire for beauty, seduction and narrative to guide the viewer’s eye.