Antwerp Art Weekend

18 - 21 May 2023

Mano Penalva

Represented by Gallery Felix Frachon

Born in 1987 in Salvador, Brazil Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil

Mano Penalva's production has its poetics obtained by the displacement of objects from their everyday context and reflects the artist's interest in Anthropology and Material Culture, working with different media such as painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation. When creating the works, he subverts the value of everyday objects, proposing new aesthetic groupings based on the relationship between retail sales strategies, his collection experiences and the observation of the field that transits between the House and the Street. Thus, one can recognize a breaking of borders and a globalized language from the nature of the materials and objects that make up his works, whether in the appropriation of a familiar national iconography or in the juxtaposition of this to other iconographies from different parts of the world. Penalva emphasizes with his works the idea that the exponential proliferation of objects and images are not intended to train perception or consciousness, but insist on merging us with them.