Antwerp Art Weekend

18 - 21 May 2023

Maurice Meewisse

Represented by JOEY RAMONE

Born in 1978 in Pijnacker, The Netherlands Lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Maurice Meewisse’s work is in principle site-specific, whereby he sees the 'site' as part of a complex network of interests, projections and relationships. Diving into the (re)discovering of a space primarily in an intuitive way, thinking about space as a container for unrelated and unspoken stories, that are hidden deep into the structure of the objects. Within that he looks for a discrepancy, a certain complexity or a potential hidden beneath the surface. These findings function as the impulse to create a work or action for which he uses different techniques, ranging from sculpture to performance.

His installation consists of the making of space within space as it were. It doesn’t only concern the placement of the individual artworks but also and most importantly, the alteration of the context, which treats space as a symbolic medium and allows for new relationships and new imaginaries.

The presented sculpture - Isolators, originally a part of the immersive 47 pieces installation, made out of different types of wood, of different timelines with countless tales to tell and sourced throughout the country. Maurice Meewisse uses the tree structure not only as a primer source for his sculptures, but also, as a medium to express the overlayed interpersonal, political, social and historical narratives. Through that exercise of extreme concentration of contexts, Maurice Meewisse creates certain space-related objects, where space is experienced more through time and history, rather then in a geometrical or empirical way.