Antwerp Art Weekend

18 - 21 May 2023

Stéphanie Baechler

Represented by Whitehouse Gallery

Born in 1983 in Meyriez, Switzerland Lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Stéphanie Baechler is an artist with focus on textile, fashion and ceramics. Trained as a Textile/Fashion Designer and working in the Fashion & Textile Industry. Her work has developed towards sculpture and installation, addressing the concept of the personal. She is moving between what she terms Hardware (ceramic, bronze) and Software (textile). Baechler investigates fashion’s formal and structural vocabulary, its production process and its complex relationship to the body, the self and society. Through her work with textiles, embroidery and ceramics Baechler investigates the sensual experience that has become increasingly rare through today technologies. The tactile dimension and the interaction between body, movement and space are at the heart of her research, and confront people with the otherwise intangible and mostly invisible digital world of data.