Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Adelheid De Witte

Adelheid De Witte’s (BE, 1982) works can be seen as the continuation of the Belgian surrealistic tradition, but in a contemporary framework. The surroundings presented in her paintings can be read as visible ways through which mental constructions are represented. The reoccuring depictions of landscapes arise in a rather organic way combined with uncommon shapes and colours. These two elements in Adelheid De Witte’s oil paintings on linen are very much influenced by each other as she diffuses the clear distinction between both. What remains is a feeling which alternates between a cheerful and an obscure desire. Thus she plays with the paradox of illusion and reality and shows us new perspectives on reality. Adelheid De Witte had a solo exhibition at Barbé Urbain gallery in September 2020.

Represented by Barbé Urbain