Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Geoffrey de Beer

(°1978) Lives and works in Antwerp and La Roche Morey (FR). Geoffrey de Beer’s older work is generally conceptual and political. His quasi-scientific methodology of strictly dispassionate experimentation and reporting is firmly situated within an institutional context and heavily extended into an institutional critique. However, his latest work breaks with previous conceptual and performance-based artistic strategies and treads radically new territory. De Beer’s new works is inspired by the colorful architecture of small French Alsatian villages, the “golden ratio” of traditional painting composition, the form and color theory of the Bauhaus, poetry and the quest for aesthetic excellence.  

His recent installations only use two types of material – glass and oak. The glass panels are placed on oak shelves as bas-reliefs. The configuration of the panels makes it possible to change the composition or the constellation of the piece. All of them have beautifully poetic, funny, ironic, symbolic or literary titles. In other more monumental installations, the material is reduced to two other types – glass and concrete. These installations refer to studies of Brutalism and specific architecture like the Chapel of Le Corbusier in Ronchamps, France. Within these works de Beer also expresses his interest in how atmospheric elements such as light is an important factor in the experience of the work.

Represented by Base Alpha Gallery