Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Dries Segers

Dries Segers (b. 1990, BE) is a photographer, fabulator, storyteller and plant bender. He works with various media and print-techniques. His work is centred on photographic fabulation with a main focus on the non-human, invisibles and ecological meltdown. Segers works with the history of photography by activating the use of specific techniques and attitudes. This results in plant based prints, camera-less photographs and extreme close-up photography. His latest project Hotel Bellevue focusses on border trees and a Celtic use of a landscape.

The work of Dries Segers has been shown in many solo and group shows, including Vitrine Gallery (Basel, Switzerland), A Tale of A Tub (Rotterdam, Netherlands), The Weekend Room (Seoul, South Korea), De Brakke Grond (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Musee and Galerie Botanique (Brussels), Neue Galerie (Ausberg, Germany), Warte für Kunst (Kassel, Germany), 019 (Ghent), Art On Paper (Bozar, Brussels), Tique art space (Antwerp), De Warande (Turnhout) and Fotomuseum (Antwerp).

Represented by DMW Gallery