Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Elen Braga

‘Elen Braga is a Brazilian artist living in Belgium. She’s a multidisciplinary visual artist in the fields of installation, sculpture, and public space. Her large-scale installations often accompany a performative aspect connected to the use of her own image. She challenges herself to work with new materials and techniques; sewing, ceramics, metal. Elen Braga researches themes such as strength- requiring and resilience. Her practice often involves self-imposed tasks, as well as intense labor-requiring endeavors. She delves into mythological narratives, revisiting them to examine the ways in which they survive in contemporary behavior and beliefs. Most of the time, her work is strongly concerned with the contexts of the places in which it is presented. At the same time, she plays with the paradoxes of materiality, trying to use different materials than those used in everyday life.’

Represented by Waldburger Wouters