Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Gerhard Hofland

Bilderdijkstraat 165-C, NL-1053 KP Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Throughout the years, Gerhard Hofland has grown to become one of the largest galleries in Amsterdam, representing a wide variety of art and artists. The gallery both exhibits and represents international artists that work from abstraction, such as Koen Delaere, Koen Doodeman, Thomas Trum and Janine van Oene, as well as those who rather find expression in figuration, such as Marjolijn de Wit, Michael Kirkham, Johan Tahon, Damien Cadio and Robert Seidel. Or artists that use large installations as their medium like Henk Stallinga.

Besides upholding a strong base of artists, the gallery works continuously to introduce international artists to the Dutch audience, and engages in projects with young and talented artists in order to provide them their first steps in the professional art world. The gallery has participated in art fairs such as Art Cologne, Viennacontemporary, Art Rotterdam, Art Brussels, Untitled Art Miami Beach, Expo Chicago, Volta NY, Volta Basel and Amsterdam Art (fair).

No matter how diverse such a variety of artists might be, Gerhard Hofland has developed a strong and fundamental profile over the years, always focussed on the pictorial qualities of the exhibited artists. The visual outcome – regardless of being abstract, figurative, two- or three-dimensional – and the aesthetic experience generated through the work are crucial to the profile of the gallery. It is always about the work that remains as the result of imagination, idea, time and maker.

Maintaining a profile focussed on visual and aesthetic experience has provided the gallery with a unique atmosphere. While contemporary art appears to be dominated by (post-)conceptual and knowledge production, Gerhard Hofland continues to show high-quality painting and sculpture. This way, the gallery is, and for years has been a renowned place for art that touches on the wide spectrum of human emotion, and reflects on the condition humaine without being exclusively reducible to either a concept, a political or societal development, or an intellectual position.