Harlan Levey Projects

65 Rue Isidoor Teirlinckstraat, 1080

46 Rue Jean d’Ardennestraat, 1050

Brussels, Belgium

From project space (1000 – Brussels) to backhouse gallery (1050 – Brussels) to our new location (1080 – Brussels), our mission has always been to facilitate the production and dissemination of artistic research into broader civic discussion. Harlan Levey Projects has grown together in tandem with its artists and assists on all aspects of practice; from regular studio visits to the management of production, promotion, and the placement of works, as well as legal and administrative assistance.

The gallery is of the innovative and risk-taking type that acts as a living laboratory. To this extent, the gallery actively focuses on disseminating contemporary art outside of its niche, building relationships with other areas of
research, industry, and cultural conversation. Artists represented by the gallery tend to explore social phenomena that engage with contemporary political discourse, while seeking to unravel emerging historical narratives and making links with literature, poetry and science.