Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Gauthier Hubert 

Born in 1967 in Brussels (BE). Lives and works in Brussels (BE). Gauthier Hubert’s painting is enigmatic in many respects – while his technique itself is characterized by a timeless and meticulous quality, the rest of his approach has a resolutely contemporary style. It shows solid swathes of vibrant colours, combined with shapes charachterized by an unsettling strangeness and a steady fascination with ugliness, which immediately draws the eye. Language is essential in Gauthier Hubert’s works; the title frames the pictorial subject or precedes it, in a constant back and forth between text and image. The title is a primary element of the work, and creates a constant back and forth between word and image. Situated in a satirical dialogue with art and history, Gauthier Hubert’s paintings are extremely referenced, interspersing their composition with clues, jokes and visual puns. The treatment and choice of subject often lead to a deeper examination of the pictorial discipline – for Gauthier Hubert, painting is a pretext to talk about painting.

Born in 1967 in Brussels, Gauthier Hubert won the « Prix de la jeune peinture belge » in 1999 and has since shown his work in international group and solo shows. We can mention several exhibitions in the Musée d’Ixelles and La Maison Particulière in Brussels (BE), the National Portrait Gallery of London and of Edinburgh (UK), and a solo show at the National Gallery of Iceland in Reykjavík (IS). In September 2020, the Botanique museum (BE) will present a large-scale retrospective exhibition of his work.

Represented by Irène Laub Gallery