Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Johan De Wit

The oeuvre of Johan De Wit (b. 1960, Belgium) consists largely of sculptures, videos and painting-like objects. With a restless openness, De Wit explores both the themes of still life and landscape in art history and the refined craftsmanship within his own work. This is reflected in his search for materiality, texture and color. His artworks are made in paper, reinforced with resins and enriched with iron powders and pigments. The artist’s technical mastery baffles, serves, but does not want to overwhelm us. Most of the works seem to refer to something in reality and at the same time not, which may evoke a certain confusion in the viewer. There is melancholy and heaviness in the air, but also humor, comfort and concern. De Wit leaves thinking open, and exposes feeling. His work moves us.

Represented by Kristof De Clercq Gallery