Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


KRJST Studio

KRJSTstudio is a duo of artists composed by Erika Schillebeeckx and Justine de Moriamé who met at ENSAV La Cambre, and founded in 2015.
The duo creates sumptuous and monumental hand-embroided tapestries.
Each tapestry is the result of a long process of graphic research, of reflection on the materials, the relief, the texture, the transcription into woven form of a work which is previously worked in 3D with pastel, aerosol, glue …
The image is decomposed, dissolved, transformed by the intermingled wefts.
The result is a large, rich and lush, fin de siècle tapestry, yet eminently contemporary.
KRJST puts colors to express what words fail to describe; they pa int with weaving threads imaginary landscapes of a poetic, calm, and yet tormented realm, the chaos where emotions are barn.
KRJST aims at putting the concept of contemplation back into the contemporary art scene, offering an emotion more than a sensation

Represented by Galerie DYS