Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Manor Grunewald


Lives and works in Ghent

Manor Grunewald created a series of 30 unique artworks. Each collage contains the basic elements of Manor’s work. It is a study of shape, color and graphic elements within the A3 format. The transformation from analog to digital image plays within the tension of Manor’s work.

‘The digital noise in the artworks thus becomes a kind of textile itself’ 

Manor Grunewald

The artworks themselves are presented in an A3 plastic folder. On the sweatshirts, the collages are more like a graphic print that reveals elements but also keep them hidden at the same time. Due to the manual technique he uses in the proces, the artworks obtains a layered abstract structure.

 This collaboration is presented in an installation where both the original artworks and the sweatshirts demand equal attention as the end result. An addition of a bench and stool, which have a functional purpose respectively, draws the installation into the space in which it is presented.

Represented by Numbered By