Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Middernacht & Alexander

Sofie Middernacht (b. 1985, BE) and Maarten Alexander (NL, 1990) know how to find a perfect balance between form and content. They came together to form an artistic duo in 2016, a union that allows them to transcend the boundaries of the medium of photography, combining content that remains consistent, while continuing to adopt and adapt a versa- tile range of different materials. Their work is situated at the crossroads of spatial installation, photography, and sculpture.

They combines different techniques and mate- rials and their sculptures can be seen as a form of total installation. A multitude of mundane materials – including epoxy, aluminium, resin, dirt and dust – form the starting point for minimalworks that resemble photography, but are also sometimes more like minimalist sculptures, or large-scale visual interventions in the space.

Represented by Barbé Urbain gallery