Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Denie Put

°1991, lives and works in Antwerp.

Denie Put’s experimental paintings carry the viewer to a dimension somewhere between the abstract  and the surreal. His play of shadows and illusionistic perspective of fore- and background seem  reminiscent of typically surrealistic out-of-place, assembled figures in a dramatically lighted and  mysterious landscape.  

Throughout a plethora of influences, Denie creates a unique and contemporary visual language. His  works have a general familiar feel to them; they might vaguely remind you of images you have seen  before. However, they are open to a very personal experience: depending on your own associations  and interpretations, they will carry a new meaning. 

Denie Put is always looking to discover what paint can mean beyond the canvas: for example, by  experimenting with painted bell jars, or by adding a mural in the exhibition space. Whether it be  canvasses, sculptures, wall paintings or sweatshirts, his entire oeuvre is a continued exploration of  the paint. 

Shown by Numbered By