Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Rob Bouwman

Rob Bouwman (1981, Haarlem)

Rob Bouwman (1981) is a painter in the field of contemporary abstraction. Since 2015 he has started making a series of works, concentrating on mixing different colors by means of a single touch of paint. By intensively preparing the surface and distributing the oil paint in different ways, he can then mix the pigments with the help of assistants and with a kind of self-made painting tool.

Bouwman’s most recent body of work consists of translucent oil-based colours on wood panels. While contemporary painting often remains beholden to the Postmodern by reproducing the fragmentary or the unfinished, his works shows that the artist’s process does not stop by achieving an arbitrary endpoint.

Represented by Josilda da Conceiçao