Caroline Van den Eynden: 'Connection Between Memory and Desire' (2019)

Edition by Caroline Van den Eynden accompanying the release of her artist book with the same name. The edition represents different apartments in a high-rise, including a unique penthouse apartment. Each edition consists of 4 bars of soap that emanate a specific smell, each one of which contains a piece that together form a sculpture. The buyer can construct this sculpture after using the bars of soap. The multiple and its impermanence in turn reference the large soap installation by Caroline Van den Eynden titled ‘Elemental Entropy’, and the overarching theme of the artist’s exhibition at Art Rotterdam 2019.

Meranti, stainless steel, wood, lacquer paint, soap
25 x 9 x 5.5 cm
Edition of 14 Apartments + 1 Penthouse

Artist represented by DMW Gallery


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