Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Susanne Ring

Susanne Ring’s (b. 1966, DE) body sculptures are far removed from a world of social control or from the trimming of the always inadequate physique through interventions ranging from body shaping to plastic surgery. Her art thematises a revolt of the physical against control and standardisation. Her art does not represent or exhibit bodies, her art confronts bodies in all their disconcerting autonomy. These bodies seem to belong to the frail and the hero alike. They seem to hold special possibilities, but at the same time they are marked by the sign of lack. Bodies are capable of many things. But they cannot transcend themselves. Perhaps it is precisely in this insight, indeed in this feeling, that the key lies to experiencing one’s own body as limitless and thus as “total freedom”.

With this fundamental concern, Susanne Ring’s work also finds its place in contemporary art. The artist’s sculptures are reminiscent of related artistic projects that also address the human body in a new way as a separate entity, free from all expectations and conditioning. These works include sculptural positions as well as paintings. (Stefan Lüddemann)

Represented by Galerie Fontana