Antwerp Art Weekend

12—16 May 2021


Hadassah Emmerich

Hadassah Emmerich’s (°1974, Heerlen, NL) work evolved from figurative exoticism to cubistic abstract-like compositions – embracing freedom and sensuality as much as controlled, structured constraints. Emmerich works in stages, she organises her work in planned processes. 

First comes a photomontage, a collaged image she creates on the computer, gathering references from her own work, from books, from referential artists’ works of different time spans (Fernand Léger, Evelyn Axell, Kerry James Marshall being some of them). Then comes the making of what she calls templates: these are cut-out shapes (most of them large-scale) she uses as printing elements, inking them and pressing them onto the canvas. So she goes to and fro along the process – from computer to paper to cut-out templates to canvas and back; from exoticism to abstraction; from print to watercolour; from flat canvas to 3D objects; from light to dark, and back.

Represented by Whitehouse Gallery