Antwerp Art Weekend

26—29 MAY 2022


Yoshimi Futamura

Yoshimi FUTAMURA is back at La Patinoire Royale-Galerie Valérie Bach.
She had already presented her work there and she reaffirms her natural propensity to translate the telluric life of the depths of the earth, this earth that she treats with great finesse to express, in hollow, a violence.
Violence of the clay’s bursting under the heat, which translates the cracked slip of the white porcelain milk revealing, in a striking contrast, the black of the underlying clay.
Violence of the deformations and collapses undergone, under the effect of the heat, by the initial regular forms. Finally, violence of the formal result, close to calcinations or organic degradations, kinds of mushrooms, barks, noble putrefactions. It’s confer to these works a strong dramatic charge.

From this aesthetic of transformation emerges a great truth, a form of questioning of time and its effect on matter.
Frozen in a phase of its disappearance, magnifying the emptiness, the absence, the hollow, at the heart of the living in mutation. 
The presence of a new work made of flat and quadrangular ceramic tiles attracts attention.
It enters here in total counterpoint with the rest of his work.
This large tray, which can be either wall-mounted or presented on the floor, seems to be the result of a radical compression of what we see elsewhere, each ceramic element seeming to be the result, in two dimensions, of a planned vision of the ceramicist’s formal universe.

Ripe fruits, aesthetics of decay, mortal remains, these forms are as many living witnesses of a power at work in nature which gives to be re-formed in our memories at the beginning of these substrates, what remains, once the state of power exceeded, when remains only a trace, a memory, an incommensurable absence.

Represented by La Patinoire Royale